From: RC - March 15, 2013 Good morning, Lamont. I enjoyed your website. Very comprehensive!

From: KD - February 22, 2010 Hello, I'm a student studying drafting and at the moment. I'm specializing in piping, which involves welding, and was wondering if you could please help with theses questions regarding welding?

From: BL - April 29, 2009 I am an instructor at the xxxxxxxxxx Technical Center in xxxxxxxxxx, West Virginia. I have looked at some of your test and liked what I saw.

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From: AB - June 13, 2012 We are a construction equipment supplier and I have been interviewing new hires for my welding shop. I ran across you web site and wondered how I would go about getting answers to a few of your quizzes and tests. That being Quiz- Blue Print reading, Quiz Weld Symbol, and Test Weldterms/symbols/blue print reading. Is this something I could pay for? Thank you,

From: JB - March 6, 2018 Subject: Overhead welds, First of all I just viewed your site I think it's nice. I have a question for you

From: WC - March 29, 2014 I need some quizzes to take my aws cw can you help me.

From: EM - May 9, 2015 Hi, I have gone through your website and I comprehend that it's well built,

From: LD - April. 27, 2015 Hello, I came across this page of your site and noticed that you are linking to I wanted to thank you for supporting veterans and active military.

From: WC - March 31, 2014 hey im XXXXXXXX I would like to take my icc or aws but I need some quizzes my email is XXXXXXXX,

From: SM - July 1, 2019 Hello weldingteacher team, Hope you are doing well. It is an honor to go through your website. I must say you have built a phenomenal website,

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From: KL - March 31, 2014 Hi, I wanted to pass along a thanks for your page, I am taking a first aid class and was researching burns when I came across your page which I found incredibly helpful.

From: JM - April 8, 2010 Hi, my name is xxxxxxxxxx I am interested in becoming a CWI Inspector. I have an associate degree in welding from xxxxxxxxxxxx community college in AL. I graduated in 19xx I am looking to move up in the welding field.I have been in the construction field for 25 years with various types of welding procedures. Any suggestion you can give me on the route to take in this field would be greatly appreciated.

From: MA - November 3, 2012 Hello there,xxx. Just wondering where you find the answers to the quiz/Exam questions on your website? It is really helpful! I just want to know i'm on the right lines, i have a cswip re test exam the end of this month. Kind Regards,

From: SS - December 20, 2019 Hello Weldingteacher, I recently visited your website and wanted to comment on how nice it looks.

From: DA - MAy 4, 2015 Good Morning: We are looking to hire a welding Instructor for a XXXX in NY. Can you give me any suggestions on how to go about locating potential candidates?

From: PP - January 15, 2014 Hi Lamont, We noticed you have listed as a resource here: Would you please consider also adding our free practice test webpage to your list of resources. Regards,

From: JR - April 19, 2016 Dear Sirs, xxxxxx High School's welding teacher quit. I came in to fill in until the end of the school year. I would like to use the below listed Quizzes as pretests to give me a starting point, hopefully letting me know what knowledge the students do and don't have. Your permission and the answer key would be greatly appreciated. Respectfully Yours,

From: AA - March 13, 2006 i want to be part of your teaching. My name is xxxxxxxxxx, i got your contact from the website and i decided to mail you,and the point is just that i want to be part of your sound teachings on the topic,< welding training>,i'd like you to pl's reply me with some necessary information which can be of help to an international student like me,because i realy have a strong passion for the proffesion,and i have a believe that with the help of the institution my aged dream will come to reality. Thank You Sincerely.

From: CA - January 14, 20 201 Hello Sir, I stumbled on your website while searching for study materials and assessment tests on welding technology and to be honest, I was amazed! However, Sir, I would really appreciate it if you could help me on this subject matter as I tend to look for a faster and easier way for individual assessment. Thank you for your anticipated response. Best Regards,

From: KT - October 11, 2007 HI immensely appreciate your kind gesture in sending me the solutions to the questions. I am indeed grateful. I pray that you continue to succeed in your future endeavors.Thank you so much Sir.

From: NB - February 22, 2014 Am going for a welding exams for hyndai heavy industry what is the possible questions. Thanks.

From: DK - June 7, 2013 I recently ran across your website and was very impressed at your credentials and experience. I am very interested in learning how to weld and have been searching on the internet for instruction. If you can help me please respond and we can talk in further detail afterward.

From: MP - March 25, 2014 Seeking permission to cite resources from your site, Hello,I'm the resource curator for XXXXXXX. I'm building out our resource section which will eventually cover a wide range of educational topics. We hope to have a bountiful collection by mid-year (a daunting task, if you ask me!) :) I'm writing to seek permission to copy out some of the citations you make on this page: <>. Thank you for your time!

From: GW - April 13, 2015 Hi, I was looking for a one on one opportunity to learn welding by someone with many years experience and to help me become certified. Please let me know if this is something you are interested in. Thank you,

From: DW - November 22, 2012 Great quiz. How do I check my answers?

From: SB - April 29, 2017 Good Morning Lamont, have been doing a bit of searching for a local crash course on welding. would love to know if you offer a welding 101 course, or if you would be interested in doing this for me on the side for a fee? Thank you in advance sir.

From: LD - June 1, 2015 I came across this page of your site <> I wanted to thank you for providing resources that help students……..

From: PT - May 26, 2015 Good morning, Love the site... I really love the information displayed on your page about welding safety... It is a wonderful resource for safety information about welding.

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From: AA - January 19, 2014 Hi there, Thanks for this successful site for welders. I came across it because I was searching for welding questions online since I have an final exam in Welding tomorrow .. I would be grateful to know if my answers were correct or not. Best regards, Senior Engineer

  From: SR - Aug 1, 2011 Dear Sir, My name is xxxxxxxxxx I thoroughly enjoyed your web site. Never have I heard such concise definitions about welding. I served a 5 year apprenticeship in the Pipefitter's and I have 18 years of professional experience as a weldor. I also ran my own business for 2 years doing wrought iron, fencing, handrails, art, and gates. I then joined up with the Boilermakers as a tube weldor for almost 4 years. .............. I would greatly appreciate finding out more about becoming a licensed instructor. Please forward any information to my email address. Humbly Grateful,

From: TM - November 10, 3013 Hi there, Welding teacher from XXXX WI here, nice site! I wish there were more like it, Could I get the key for your Weld Symbol Quiz? I would take any others you would offer as well. Thank you,

  •   From: JV - November 12, 2013 Hello, I am interested in learning to weld. Do you offer classes? Thank you,
  • From: PH - November 4, 2014 Good afternoon, I was researching the web for metal project and came across your web site. Your site is awesome.

    From: MF - February 13, 2013 Hi Lamont, I came upon your website today and was wondering if you offer a workshop in welding. I've always been interested in it and wanted to try it out and see if I enjoy doing it. Regards,

  • From: SA - January 2, 2014 I want to learn more about welding so i can go to trade school to learn more about welding. Thanks in advance for response. My name is Santi Thanks,
  • From: PA - January 25, 2010 Dear Sir, I have a welding and fabrication shop in xxxxxxxxxxxx and am interested in hiring a certified welding instructor to come to my location and instruct the crew for their certifications in 7018. If this is something that you do or know of someone who does, please email or call me.
  • From: RC - August 1, 2015 Howdy, I was wondering if you'd be open to including a link to our online welding safety training course. Thanks for your help and for providing great resources! Best,
  • From: CR - March 13, 2013 Good morning, Lamont. I enjoyed your website. Very comprehensive. --- 3/15/13 --- Thanks for your helpful reply, have a good weekend!

    From: RL - May 25, 2012 Good day to you! It's a pleasure to have a chance to talk with you, <> is a great site! I would like to place a link on <> leading to my site .....

    From: DG - October 15, 2013 Please provide answer key for Quiz's,Tests & Exams. We are a machining shop business. Your website is awesome.

    From: JK - March 13, 2013 Why hello there! My class and I wanted to give your page a compliment, <>, for being great! You have some terrific sites on math. We wanted to let you know we've bookmarked a few resources, hope that's okay.

    From: LP - August 1, 2014 I would like to know if its possible to get a key for the welding quizzes? I would like to use them to help decide on new employees. Thank you this will help out so much your website is a great resource. Thanks,

    From: DM - April 22, 2011 Hi, I am a beginner welder. I have been through a welding program and taken 2 tests for plate and pipe and passed both and have an AWS certification. Here is my problem, that was about 1 year ago and I have not touched a stick in about 8 months. Now the union has called me for an apprenticeship and I must show and pass a root test on tube with 6010 or 7018 on May 20th. I need some refresher training and hands on with tube and making roots with 6010. Would you offer me some training to pass this? If you cannot do you have any suggestions where I can get some intensive prep?

    From: John - February 1, 2012 Hi, Lamont my name is John and Im a boilermaker, I want to know where can I go to learn how to be a Master Welder. THANK YOU,

    From: SM - August 16, 2011 Can you please tell me the best way to pass the cwi test?

    From: DS - October 18, 2017 Hi again, This is XXXX ( and I wanted to follow up on an email I sent last week regarding adding us as a resource to your website. Xxxxx Thank you and best wishes,

    From: TP - February 27, 2013 HI, I am a welding instructor and I love your site. I tell my students to go to it every day to expand on their welding knowledge.

    From: GO - November 15, 2012 Our link on your site - Dear Webmaster, I would like to say thank you for having our link on your site. I did however notice that you are linking to us like this:; This is causing the link to not work; Could you please change the link to us to this:; If you have any further questions please feel free to contact me. Sincerely,

    From: LG - June 13, 2012 I've been using the online exams you have posted as extra study material, I'm presently working on my Weld Inspector certification. They have been quite helpful......  Thanks,

    From: CH - June 6, 2006 Dear Sir: I am looking for recent graduates in welding. I would appreciate any names or links to web sites. Must be able to certify in MIG.

    From: BS - July 9, 2010 Hi there, My name is xxxxxxxxxxx and I wanted to provide a little bit of feedback on your page <> I found your page *very* helpful. I've been working on some welding art for my graduate program, and didn't know too much about welding before I started. Your page was immensely useful! I also wanted to suggest that you add this page to your resource list: <>

    From: CA - January 26, 2013 What's going on mr. Adkins how's retirement? It's xxxxxxxxxxx I'm not sure if you remember me I was in the class of XXXX I had welding with you as well as Mr. XXX. I'm very interested in becoming a high school welding teacher, I would really appreciate if we can converse about it and maybe get some insight from someone with experience .

    From: DB - March 20, 2013 Greetings. You have a great website. .................... I just started here this year. You have some great exams on your website. How can I get the answers to those exams? ........................... I appreciate your help.Thanks!

      From: SK - January 21, 2013 Hello Sir, Please send me the answer key of welding exam05, for our company's employees training purpose. WITH REGARDS,

      From: GS - January 21, 2013 Lamont, I am the Administrator of Maintenance with the XXXXXX School District.  We are putting together a test for a welding position we have available.  The question you have on your website are exactly what we are looking for.  How would we go about getting the answer key for the following quizzes. Weld Safety, The Weld, Oxy-Acetylene Welding, Welding Processes, Thank you,

  • From: JP - December 18, 2017 I work at a prison and my company wants me to be able to teach and certify our inmates in different types of welding. Could you give a quick rundown of how this might be achieved if it is a possibility. Thank you,
  • From: JP - December 19, 2017 Thanks Lamont, this is a long term goal for my self and the company. I'll look over the information you provided. Thanks for your time in the matter.
  • From: WC - January 18, 2014 How are you? hey I am a certified welder, nyc,nys and aws. I am a union ironworker I would like to pass my icc special inspector for bolting and welding, I took the test for bolting and I didn't pass, I want to know if you can help me with some practice test, exame or quizzes or some online webminar that can help me out I really need it. thanks for the all the information that you have in this page. God bless u.
  • From: SQ - January 20, 2013 My boyfriend is a contractor & carpenter in Philadelphia and was interested in taking a welding class. I found your website and was wondering if you teach classes? If so, when are they, how much do they cost, and how can he sign up?

    From: CC - May 27, 2010 Just wanted to let you know your web site rocks.."Have sent many a new welder to the site - Cheers

    From: KK - January 18, 2007 I actually stumbled across your webslte while searching the xxxxxxxxxxxxxx region for a welding professional. I am the Associate Dean for Corporate and Community Education at xxxxxxxxx Community College. A portion of my division is responsible for conducting customized training programs to local companies. At times we have a need for industrial instructors/subject matter experts. Would this be something that you would be interested In pursuing? Please let me know and I will arrange for a meeting. Thanks so much. - Associate Dean - Community and Corporate Education - xxxxxxxx County Community College.

    From: CR - April 18, 2012 Hello, I am interested in learning some entry level welding or welding fundamentals to help with improve my current job skills as a tractor trailer mechanic.

    From: RL - August 9, 2011 I am writing to you to inquire about how an already very successful xxxxxxx and welder can become a welding teacher.

    From: MH - Oct. 29, 2013 Dear sir , I am interested in joining the welding field and have some experience....... I would like to attend an apprenticeship program and would like to know if you know of any programs in the L.A. area?

    From: RC - Oct 30, 2013 Good day Sir, I am in South Africa I am in the prosess of operating a welding training center. Can I buy your WELDING TEACH QUIZ. I am currently working in Saudi Arabia as a welding instructor. Thanks,

    From: MH - July 18, 2009 I am impressed with your website and would like to request keys to the tests I found there. What a resource! I plan to use it to improve my teaching. Thank you for your website and your time. - Industrial Technology Teacher xxxxxxxxxxxx High School.

    From: GA - July 8, 2008 Thanks for the site. I became a combination welder 18 years ago and work many of jobs which seem to close down in the Philadelphia, PA area . I want to weld again and your site has given me all the information to refresh my knowledge base; all I need now is some hands on study and I'll be ready. Thanks for the site. If you know of any welding courses about 20 to 40 hours in the Philadelphia area I'd be most great full again thanks . YOU THE MAN,

    From: HS - April 20, 2011 This site is great. It is an incredible resource for welders everywhere. Nice job!

  • From: JP - March 11, 2014 Subject: The Weld - Answer Key's. I found your website to be very helpful.  I would like to request the answer key to the following quizzes:
  • From: PG/D - February 23, 2014 Hello Mr Lamont, Just thought I'd send you a note to compliment your site! It's one of the richest sites I've seen when it comes to welding & CWI information... Your site may be one my company would be interested in adding to the sites they refer some new employees to... The site looks like you put a LOT of time into it, so thanks!

    From: TF - August 28, 2013 Dear Mr. Lamont, Thank you for getting back to me so soon. You have a Great Web Site for teachers and students.

    From: JB - March 15, 2012 Hello: May I please have an answer sheet for quizzes. I am a CWI at a company in XXXXXXX. Our primary business is in power generation. We build piping systems, gas conditioning skids for natural gas and liquid fuel turbines. We always have a need for highly skilled welders. I found your website and think the quizzes and tests would be very helpful in determining the welding knowledge of canidates for open welding positions. Best Regards, CWI# XXXXXXXX

      From: BM - May 4, 2010 Subject: Welding classes - Hello, I found your site on the web and noticed you are in Philadelphia. Do you know of/ offer any intro to welding classes? Thanks,

    From: PC - October 7, 2009 Subject: xxxx Welding School To Whom It May Concern, I came across your site and I have found it very useful. I was impressed by the number of informational links and resources on your page! I noticed that xxxxx Welding School was not listed on your site. As a student I think it would be beneficial to have our school listed here. Here is the URL - Just a thought! - Thank you for your time. Sincerely, Pxxxx

    From: LP - April 18, 2010 Hello! I am teaching technical welding in Sweden and I found your site to be a great resource to my classes. Could you please send me the answers to all quizes and the tests/examination test/answers. I would really appreciate it and thanks again for a great resource and guide to our classes. - Thanks, PB

    From: DM - June 5, 2006 Subj: Like to congratulate you on your site. DM - gccc/gchs - aws sense welding program

    From; MA - August 26, 2009 Hello: I am scouting on behalf of a major publisher for an expert/writer to do a book on welding. Would you be interested. I Would love to tell you more...,thanks, MA Literary Agency

    From: SW - February 16, 2010 Subject: Resource for your page <!dTeachSafety.htm> Hello, Sorry to bother you, but I have been using your page with helpful safety information for my business class.... It's a useful page; thanks for making it! Sincerely, SW

    From: JJ - March 9, 2010 Subject: apprentice welder - Dear Mr. Lamont, I discovered your web site a few days ago and I think it's great that you're promoting welding teaching. I live in Canada. In Alberta we have a mandatory 3 year apprenticeship program to become certified welders... Mr. Lamont, would you be willing to answer my questions If there's something I don't understand in my books? Thank you, J

    From : JL - April 12, 2010 Hello, I just found your website while searching for information on National Welding Month, I would like to use some of your quizzes in our company newsletter; would you be able to send me the answers to all of the quizzes listed on your website? Our company manufactures stainless steel wine tanks and carbon steel water tanks. Thank you so much, JH

    From: SS - May 6, 2006 Dear Lamont: I hope this note finds you in good spirit. We are about to run our science fair next week and I know that it will not be the same. I hope you are enjoying your retirement.

    From: VM - October 3, 2011 Hello there, ......... it's really refreshing to come across websites like yours.............. Your resource page at has really helped out in pointing me in the right direction and I felt like I really needed to take a second to thank you..........

    From: TL - August 9, 2009 Subject: top web. site placement! Your web site is really good, Sincerely,

    From: CK - April 12, 2011 Subject: We love! Dear Lamont, I really appreciate your collection of resources on the website, I became interested in Bloom's Taxonomy after I was assigned a research project in the field. From that research, we ended up publishing a great article here:, that covers all areas of Bloom's Taxonomy. I also came across your site and thought I might pass this link on to you as a thank you for your wonderful resources. - Best Wishes, CK -

    From: BJ - September 3, 2003 Hi Lamont, Just visited your website and wanted you to know I think it's great!

    From: DZ - August 2, 2010 Hi Lamont and thanks for taking the time to read this! Please take the time to review and let me know if it fits your quality standards ......,

    From: PH - November 30, 2008 Hello Lamont, I want to learn how to weld. I want to do some projects in metal&emdash;can you help me out7 I can't seem to find any classes at CCP and I am not interested in a long-term apprenticeship-type training. Just basic welding instruction. Any ideas? Do you teach it yourself?

  • From: JG - September 21, 2015 Hi Lamont, I am in need of a certified welding inspector who's certification is on file with the City... Is this a service which you can provide? If not, do you have a recommendation? Thanks in advance.

    From: SC - March 3, 2009 Im a welding teacher and just happen to find this page Awsome!!! Is there a way to contact you? I have some questions on how you use the site like this one Thanks!

      From: TZ - June 10, 2008 Dear Mr. Lamont, Thank you very much for kind reply of GTAW keys. Your web site is become my favorite and it is very good usful tool for inspector like me sir.

      From: WR - May 26, 2011 Hi, do you teach welding? My husband is interested in taking a welding class?

      From: JG - June 2, 2011 Hi, I am looking to learn to weld. Are you offering any classes?

      From: LA - June 15, 2011 Hi, Your resource: is great!..... I am a teacher .... PS-The video is a great snap shot of some of the work and teachings that you and your students experience, very cool!

  • From: JH - Feb 1 9, 2013 Dear Mr. Adkins, I'm in the process of getting AWS certified at XXXX; ....... Do you know of any other welding certification programs in the area? Any help you could provide would be greatly appreciated. Best,

      From: YT - May 9, 2011 Thank you very much for your kindness.

  •   From: AH - Jan. 5, 2016 Hi Lamont, I just wanted to touch base with you regarding the email I sent earlier ...... we just updated our (already fantastic) open-access guide to choosing and attending vocational and trade schools. we'd be delighted if you would include it alongside your other great resources. Thank You,
  • From: JS - Jan. 20, 2016 Hi there, First off, I wanted to compliment you on the page you have created at ............ 
  • From: MF - Mar, 23, 2016 Hello I want to use your webpage as a site to my report on how to become a welding instructor, could you guide me with information about the web page as far as the author and what date it was created
  • From: SM - Jun 19, 2016 I decided to be proactive and offer some support to hard-working teachers across the nation. We've put together a collection of helpful resources, and we thought they'd be a great addition to your website (especially if placed here: <>. Would you be so kind as to share them?
  • From: SM - Sept. 17, 2017 Since you've already got so much information on your site (like on this page: <>, I wanted to send you some additional resourcesthat I hope you'll consider adding to your list. I know how difficult it can be to hunt these types of tools, so Ihope they're helpful! Many thanks for your time, and if you'd like more information, please let me know!
  • From: SM - Sept. 17, 2017 Hi, Just reaching out once more with some STEM education resources that I thought you may like to add to this page on your site: I know it can be tricky to track down these types of lesson plans and tools, so I hope you'll consider adding them for your own use and for the benefit of your fellow educators! Since you've already got so much information on your site (like on this page:, I wanted to send you some additional resource that I hope you'll consider adding to your list. I know how difficult it can be to hunt these types of tools, so I hope they're helpful!
  • From: SL - July 7, 2016 Hi there, How are you? I hope I'm not being a bother, but my daughter, Xxxxxx, wanted to reach out to you about your web page, <> Your page has links that we were able to explore and bookmark for our math project. xxxxxxxxxx While googling for some more resources, Xxxxxx found this resource on math and money. She was thinking that it'd be a valuable resource for your page. Do you mind adding it? I know she'd be delighted to make a valuable contribution and maybe other
  • kids may enjoy them.
  • From: AA - Oct. 12. 2020 About your article published on <>. Hi There, I'............ from.............., a global leader in the visual collaboration and diagramming software space. ............ is used by 4 million + users and thousands of organizations from NASA, Disney,Amazon and any more. I came across your content on <> and thought it was filled with actionable insights,
  • From: JB - May 10, 2018 Dear Business Head of, I have visited your website and found that you have a very good and professional website. .....
  • From: CS - April 26, 2021 Good morning, I have a quick question about some ot the content that's on your website.You have some really great information....
  • From: SH - Oct. 20, 2016 I am trying to get the answers to your tests as I am teaching 3 people..... Do I need to join our group or how does it work.... .... Thanks for your time and help. great website. ..
  • From: MJ - July 25, 2018 I took the liberty to browse through your website and realized that you have built a phenomenal website, {Digital marketing Analyst}
  • From: SB - July 16, 2021 Hi Lamont, I'm Sarah with PrimeWeld. I'm reaching out because we recently published a guide covering everything a beginner needs to know about welding safety. After looking through, I thought the guide might be of interest to the other resources you offer .....?
  •   From: SS - Dec. 20, 2019 Hello Weldingteacher, I recently visited your website and wanted to comment on how nice it looks.
  •   From: SM - Jan. 23, 2020 Hi how can I become a welder inspector did you guys offer that trade
  •   From: HF - Feb. 11, 2022 Hi there, I was checking your website on behalf of this email <> and see you have a good design and it looks great.........
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